An Earthquake Was Felt in Lebanon & People’s Reactions Are Hilarious

Rami Rizk

People in North and Mount Lebanon felt the earth rock back and forth on Friday night around 9:15 PM. An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 occurred in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria, northwest of Latakia.

Though it wasn’t a strong level earthquake, it was felt among many across the coastline of Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. In Lebanon, it was felt mainly in the northern part.

People quickly took to Twitter to confirm whether the shaking they felt was indeed an earthquake, or if they’re starting to lose their minds because of the quarantine.

Here were some reactions:

#1 The Inquiring Tweet (a common reaction)

#2 What is next, 2020?

#3 Tsunami Anxiety

#4 Not Threatened

#5 The Activist

#6 Was it mom?

#7 Sick of quarantine

#8 Surround sound > Earthquake

#9 The ones who didn’t feel it

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