Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the East Beirut District In Lebanon’s Elections


Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies.

In this election, and with the rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills for one more fateful blow against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation, here’s the list of all candidates in the East Beirut district for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Note: In the list below, LF stands for the Lebanese Forces Party and FPM for the Free Patriotic Movement.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Levon Talvazian    Armenian OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Nada Albert SehnaouiGreek CatholicBeirut Madinati
Tarek Ibrahim AmmarGreek OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Pierre Boulos GemayelMaroniteBeirut Madinati
Jack Edward JandoMinoritiesBeirut Madinati
Charbel Maroun NahasGreek CatholicCapable
Mary Lynne JureidiniGreek OrthodoxCapable
Moussa Assad KhouryMaroniteCapable
Roy Jean IbrahimMinoritiesCapable
Brigette Gilbert ShalabianArmenian CatholicLi Watani
Diana Boughous OhanianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Magi NanjianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Paula YacoubianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Charles Raymond FakhouryGreek CatholicLi Watani
Ziad Raymond AbbasGreek OrthodoxLi Watani
Ziad Adel AbichakerMaroniteLi Watani
Cynthia Fadi ZarazeerMinoritiesLi Watani
Jean TalouzianArmenian CatholicSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Annie SeferianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Leon SemrjianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Talar Leon MarkoussianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Najib Nicolas LianGreek CatholicSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Asma Maria Assad AndraosGreek OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Nadim Bashir GemayelMaroniteSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Antoine SiryaniMinoritiesSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Arm Sarkis MalianArmenian OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Jihad Kareem PakradouniArmenian OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Fadi Raymond NahasGreek CatholicWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Ghassan Shafiq HasbaniGreek OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)
George Joseph ShahwanMaroniteWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Elie Khalil ShreishiMinoritiesWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Serge Burj MelkonianArmenian CatholicWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Alexandre Ibrahim MatossianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
George Sarks JovalkianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Hagop TerzianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Nicolas SehnaouiGreek CatholicWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Carla Labib BoutrosGreek OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Elie Antoine AswadMaroniteWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Chamoun ChamounMinoritiesWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)

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