Thanks To This Lebanese Doctor, We Might Not Need Needles For Flu Vaccinations Anymore!

We all dread getting vaccinations. No one wants to deal with a doctor injecting you with a needle. This may no longer be necessary soon.

A Lebanese doctor called Nadine Rouphael found a solution to the problem. She is the co-author of research by Emory University School of Medicine (USA) that will definitely revolutionize the medical industry.

A patch that replaces needles got created. The way it works is the following: this patch contains microscopic needles. All that users have to do is to put the patch on the required part of the body, leave it until the microscopic needles are dissolved, and then remove it.

Voila! They get vaccinated against the flu pain-free.

Why does the world absolutely need this invention?

Vaccinations are crucial! Thanks to them, our world is safe from a lot of dangerous and fatal diseases.

Since this patch is cost-effective and does not require a visit to the doctor, more people will have access to vaccines, thus, the world will be a healthier place to live.

There are many reasons why people do not get vaccinated:

  • They cannot afford it
  • They do not have time
  • They are scared of needles
  • There isn’t a doctor in their area

This patch could solve all the problems mentioned above. Moreover, it can get mailed to people. So for those who cannot leave their houses, the vaccination will get delivered to them!

Impact of this patch on less developed countries

Also, what is unique about it is that people from less developed countries will receive vaccinations easily! These countries are affected by diseases the most because they do not have a large medical body to take care of all the people.

Also, there is a lack of funding which makes getting the vaccinations even harder. With this patch, people from less-developed countries will get vaccinations easier than ever!

Rouphael also mentioned that in the case of flu pandemics, people visit the doctor to get vaccinated but this contaminates a lot of people.

Distributing these patches in the case of a crisis would be better since people will not have to leave their houses.

Thanks to this initiative, the world will be healthier!

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