Eco-friendly mall in Lebanon to open in December!

Lebanon will have its first eco-friendly mall in December! Located in Antelias, Eco101 is a brand new concept that fosters entertainment and environmental sustainability at the same time! Eco101 is eco-friendly because of its landscaping. Also, it uses solar panels and reuses rainwater for cleaning and irrigation. The Founder Elie Massoud came up with the concept of Eco101 when he realized how high the retail prices are for startups and newly opened restaurants. So, he founded this mall to give small businesses an opportunity to enter the local market. According to


, Massoud is the brainchild of Fizz Zone in City Mall, an indoor trampoline park in Lebanon which will move to Eco101. The rent costs in this mall are relatively inexpensive compared to other shopping centers mainly because the construction costs are low. In fact, the retail section of Eco101 is made up of containers! This mall will consist of two floors: the first one contains the retail section while the second one comprises restaurants and cafes. Entertainment is guaranteed! You will find there:

  • Area for events
  • Food
  • Retail stores
  • Kids area
  • Beauty salon
  • Gaming lounge
  • Welcoming spa
  • Playground

The founder mentioned that he has plans to expand Eco101 in the north, the south, and Beirut.