Dubai Expo 2020 Brings Hope Of Economic Revival For Lebanon

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While Lebanon is going through its worst phase of economic collapse and financial instability, Lebanese abroad are shining a light on their country through their optimism and innovation.

Expo 2020, a World Expo hosted by Dubai, is an opportunity for the Lebanese to showcase their products and creations to the world until March 31st, 2022, and hence support their country’s economy with foreign currency.

It was originally planned for October 2020 to April 2021 and was postponed because of the pandemic.

Despite the diplomatic tensions between the Arab Gulf and Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had made the effort to ensure Lebanon’s participation by paying nearly $3 million to build the section allocated to the Lebanese.

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Hosted among 192 participating countries, the Lebanon pavilion is an ideal platform to potentially attract new capital and investments that would inject money into the Lebanese economy.

Mohammed Abu Haidar, director-general of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, said in a statement that “Lebanon’s participation gives small and medium-sized companies and startups in Lebanon the opportunity to showcase their products, which would support the country in foreign currency under current circumstances.”

via Al-Arabia

The Lebanese pavilion has an area of 1,500 square meters. When visitors enter, they pass through several experiences.

The first space experience is titled “Together We Walk”, which is an invitation for visitors to join the collective march of the Lebanese people that refers to the principles of solidarity, and the continuity of minds, which create change and opportunities.

Secondly, it’s the art gallery, where talented Lebanese artists are taking part in several exhibitions under the theme “Visual art is the most inclusive of all digital art.”

The goal is to showcase Lebanon’s influential and creative art scene.

“Our aim is to show how Lebanon is rising again and trying to improve its economy,” issued Ludmilla Medawar, the founder of the website LebaneseSignature.

The third section is the store, where participants showcase craft products, souvenirs, and fashion clothes created by internationally renowned Lebanese designers.

Visitors to the Lebanese pavilion pass through several sites carrying messages and conveying the culture of the country.

Here’s a look inside Lebanon Pavilion:

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