Lebanon’s Ministry Of Education Started An Open Strike


The heads of the administrative units in the Ministry of Education, the General Directorate of Education, Vocational Education, and Higher Education, issued a statement announcing an open strike.

“After conducting the official exams at all levels for the academic year 2022 and the announcement of its results, we find ourselves compelled to engage in the open strike,” they said in the statement.

The open strike was previously announced by the Public Administration Employees Association in all ministries.

“We announce the cessation of attending to Work centers as of Monday 25 July 2022,” the statement continued.

They wished the voice will rise and reach those who must hear, and those who, based on their national responsibilities and duties, must immediately take the initiative to save the public sector and preserve its employees, not exterminate and eliminate it.

They also hoped that the citizens, students, and their families, understand their suffering hoping for a better tomorrow for all that will allow them to return to their work after securing their rights, even at a minimum, so that they can live in dignity.

Lebanon is currently witnessing a series of strikes in various sectors, reflecting the dire level of hardships the people have reached at this time in Lebanon’s history.

A new Lebanese government was meant to be formed after the Elections in May as the country needs urgent reforms. However, government formation is still on hold to date and the country continues to spiral down.

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