Egyptian TV Host Reacts In Shock To The Supermarket Fight In Lebanon

Baffled Egyptian TV Host Reacts To The Supermarket Fight In Lebanon

Egyptian journalist and TV presenter Amr Adeeb got emotional as he commented on the difficult state that Lebanon has reached economically and socially.

While reporting the infamous milk fight that took place in a Spinneys supermarket branch in Lebanon this week, Adeeb took the opportunity to shed light on how bad the situation in the crisis-hit country has become.

“The citizen in Lebanon is fighting over a milk bag! The dollar is worth 10,000 [Lebanese] pounds! Is it possible that Lebanon has come to this?” the journalist asked as he reflected on the reputation and lifestyle Lebanon has been known for.

Lebanon! Beirut! The country with tables full of food…! The country of goodness, the country of sweet taste! You would eat fruits and vegetables and they would be sugar and honey in your mouth!” he exclaimed.

Baffled by the worsening social and economic situation in Lebanon, Adeeb went on: “The country in which, as you walk, people give you food, sandwiches, fruits, sweets, and nuts!”

“In a time like this, which is before Ramadan, people would travel to Lebanon to bring back with them the things for Ramadan from there.”

“Now,” he fumed, “people are beating each other over a bag of milk! People are beating each other over a pack of cheese!”

“Isn’t that a shame?” he asked disappointedly. “Isn’t it a shame that this is happening to Lebanon?”

This very question has been repeatedly echoed by countless people in Lebanon and abroad, along with the notorious and increasingly popular, “what’s next for Lebanon?”

It’s worth noting that Adeeb spent several years of his early life in Lebanon, to which he has also traveled extensively over the years, as he pointed out in the commentary.

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