12 Eid El-Fitr Events To Enjoy With Your Loved Ones In Lebanon

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The month of Ramadan fasting concludes with what is known as Eid El-Fitr, which translates into the “Festival of Breaking Fast”, a holiday that Muslims around the world celebrate with special prayers, charity, family visits, and gifts.

In Lebanon, it is also celebrated with special events and festive dinners, with the participation of people of all faiths, another validation of Lebanon’s reputed co-existence.

Here are some of these notable events that you can enjoy with your family and friends during this celebratory time.

#1 La Martingale, Casino Du Liban – Tabarja

Casino du Liban is celebrating Eid El-Fitr on Tuesday, May 2d, in its fancy restaurant La Martingale (off the gambling area), hosting live entertainment by the singers Maher Makdissi and Daya Hay.

For more information or RSVP: 03-288133 & 70-161171

#2 La Salle des Ambassadeurs, Casino Du Liban – Tabarja

Also on Tuesday, May 3rd, Casino Du Liban is having a special night for Eid El-Fitr with Carole Samaha and Ziad Bourji in its fancy La Salle des Ambassadeurs.

For more information or RSVP: 09 859 990 or 03 360 111.

#3 Besten – Barelias, Bekaa

For those wishing to celebrate Eid El-Fitr out with their children, the Besten park is offering 2 days of celebration, on May 2nd and 3rd, for a full day of fun and outdoor activities, including breakfast and a lunch buffet.

For more information, contact 03 502 898 or 03 168 863.

#4 Souk El Balad – Beirut Souks

This year, you can conclude Ramadan by having great fun with your family or friends at Souk el Balad in Beirut Souks which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary. You’ll enjoy Eid surrounded by local food, fashion, art, crafts, book fair, and fun activities.

The celebration starts on April 30th and continues through May 1st, and 2nd, as of 10 am.

#5 O The Club – Antelias

O The Club is hosting Melhem Zein for Eid El-Fitr on May 2nd; a special night to enjoy your favorite tunes by the famous Lebanese singer.

RSVP: 81 454 533 or 81 454 566.

#6 Arnaoun Village – Batroun Highway

Another full day of celebration with the family or friends is taking place at Arnaoun Village: Outdoor adventures and activities, breakfast, a lunch buffet, a live band, entertainment, and photo booths, there is all to make that day memorable.

The event starts this weekend and through the Eid El-Fitr days from 11:00 am till 5:00 pm.

For more information: 06 642 111 or 03 342 502.

#7 Lancaster Eden Bay – Beirut

A fancy place with an amazing view, Lancaster Eden Bay has an open buffet lunch for Eid El-Fitr for families and friends.

For more information or RSVP: 01 838 000 or 78 889 986.

#8 Beit El Baraka – Beirut

On the occasion of Eid El-Fitr, Beit el Baraka is hosting an exhibition by Kanz. The event will take place in the Tabbal Heritage Building in Sursock, from April 29 to May 5th, from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

During the event, the hosts will offer and showcase Ramadan “goodies” including:
A line of abayas designed by Krikor Jabotian, embroidered pouches by Sarah’s Bag, Maamouls by Nicolas Audi, candles designed for Eid el Fitr, handcrafted delicacies prepared by the ladies of Al Makassed, and Ismat Mahmassani’s latest book “Messages From The Sky”.

All the proceeds are going to support families of the elderly and children.

#9 Marche Aux Fleurs – Byblos

Eid El-Fitr doesn’t mean just eating good food, it is also about enjoying a nice and exciting day with your loved ones, which you can have at the Flower & Artisan Market event in Byblos.

The event will also host traditional and artisan products, and entertainment all day from noon to 10 pm. It is taking place from April 30th to May 3rd, 2022, at Jardin de L’ancien Souk De Byblos.

#10 Kempinski Summerland Hotel – Beirut

On Monday, May 2, you can treat yourself to a delicious and well-deserved Fitr Lunch buffet filled with traditional Lebanese cuisine, a coffee show, and live Oud at Kempinski Summerland Hotel and Resort in Beirut.

For more info contact 01 858 000.

#11 La Salle Venue – Rmeileh

La Salle Venue is presenting live entertainment on Tuesday, May 2nd, with Ayman Zbib, Mohanad Zaiter, and Majd Moussally for a memorable Eid El-Fitr.

For more info or RSVP: 71 660 600 or 03 467 799.

#12 Raw Beirut, Dora Seaside

An Eid El Fitr special night will take place at RAW Beirut On Tuesday, May 3rd, with Yara Korkomaz, Bashaar Al Jawad, and DJ Chloe Kteily.

RSVP: 70262695

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