El-Bouar Hospital Employees In Lebanon Are On Strike


The employees of El-Bouar Public Hospital (Ftouh Kesrouan) announced their decision to start a strike to demand the fulfillment of all their rights and financial entitlements.

Their decision came following the hospital administration and the Health Ministry failing to fulfill the promises regarding their salaries, school grant entitlements, social aid, and the cost of living allowance, amid the unprecedented deterioration of the national currency and the rise in fuel prices and living expenses.

“Our strike is to draw attention to us, and the difficult circumstances we are going through, so we can no longer tolerate more with the successive crises in our country,” they said in their statement.

They added: “In all circumstances and times, we were and still are confirming our keenness on this hospital edifice, and we hope that our rights will be fulfilled.”

To be able to continue working at the hospital and provide health care and medical services, they first need to get their basic rights, they noted.

Lebanon is currently witnessing multiple strikes across various sectors as the living conditions have worsened with no effective intervention by those in charge of the country’s affairs.

Meanwhile, Lebanon continues under a caretaker government since the Elections 2022 in May, as the formation of a new government remains on hold.

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