Elderly Lebanese Man’s Store Forced To Sell On The Street Because of Rent

Zahrae Yhya

Lebanon is out of dollars, and the value of the Lebanese Lira is declining. Everyone in the country is affected by this economic deterioration in one way or the other.

It is causing major and essential industries to stop working, from the generators industry to hospitals.

Lebanon is even about to run out of meat and the food prices have increased by 70%.

This doesn’t mean that small businesses aren’t also struggling, especially vendors and tenants, and this Lebanese man is the perfect example.


A social media user posted pictures of the man with his merchandise laid out on the street in the background.

She wrote: “This uncle had a toy store. The owner required him to pay his rent in dollars, so he decided to move his stuff outside.”

She then called on people to buy from him and mentioned that he is selling the toys in Tyre, at the Hawch area, El-Nadi neighborhood.


It’s a shame that a Lebanese at this age is forced to stand all day outside during the summer heat just to make a living.

There are many dangerous problems in Lebanon that need urgent solutions, some recent like the dollar exchange rate, and some are as old as time, such as the lack of security for the Lebanese elders.