Video: Elderly Lebanese Man Plays The Accordion To Cheer People Up While Locked-Down

@joannesayegh | FIlip Bitulescu

A rich and reedy sound caught the attention of Lebanese who were somberly sitting indoors imagining what life would be like post-pandemic.

Peering out of their windows, they saw a solo musician, an elderly man with his humble instrument, pressing away at the keys and buttons of his trusty accordion.

Wearing a Santa hat, he filled the air with jolly tunes, hoping that the bright sounds would send good energy to whoever they reach.

Lord knows, Lebanese people desperately need that good energy. After all, it’s true what they say about the Lebanese, we are the happiest depressed people in the world.

With all the gloom that has been coming over the country – from political distress to financial hardships and now the coronavirus- this elderly man felt the need to spread happy vibes in the streets of Lebanon.

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