10 things that happen during election periods in Lebanon

The weirdest and the most cringy things in Lebanon happen during election periods.

#1 You see the candidates’ faces everywhere

  You see their posters on the streets, billboards, walls, and lighting poles. What’s more annoying is that they sponsor their content so you could also see their “achievements” on every single social media platform.

#2 Posters and banners pollute the streets

  As if the garbage crisis is not enough. I understand that they badly want to promote their campaigns but how it is acceptable to place banners in public areas?

#3 The roads get fixed

  I wonder why.

#4 “Rah nzabbit l kahraba w nsarri3 l internet”

  LOL. Next lie please!

#5 Random people start talking to you

  Whether they invite you over or send you WhatsApp messages, these people want to brainwash you into voting for their favorite candidates.

#6 Money, money, money

  Promoting an anti-corruption campaign while bribing people with money and fake promises. Classic.

#7 Pessimism

  Pessimists will say that the election will not change anything. Voting for the candidates that are qualified to represent the Lebanese people is the only way to put Lebanon on the right track.

#8 People suddenly become political analysts

  We all know that understanding Lebanese politics is impossible.

#9 Fights

  “M3almak l kezzeb!”

#10 Fresh faces give us hope

  The youth is so much engaged in the upcoming election. This is very promising!

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