Here Are The Election Results Of The Lebanese Parliament Youth & Sports Committee


Members of the Youth and Sports Committee were elected during today’s parliamentary session, and their number reached 12 MPs.

These 12 members are constituted of 3 MPs of the Lebanese Forces (LF), 3 FPM, 1 Amal & Hezbollah, 1 Kataeb Party, 1 Opposition MP, 1 Tshnag MP, 1 March 8, and 1 March 14 MP.

Here are the newly elected members:

Simon Abi Ramya Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Raed BerroAmal & Hezbollah
Charbel Maroun Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Ghassan Atallah Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Waddah Sadek Opposition
Hagop Terzian Tashnag
Yanal Solh March 8
Pierre Bou Assi Lebanese Forces (LF)
Camille Chamoun March 14
Jihad Pakradouni Lebanese Forces (LF)
Elias Hankash Kataeb Party
Razi al-Hajj Lebanese Forces (LF)

Here are the results of the election of the other committees voted today, with 4 remaining committees that will be voted “another day”, according to Parliament Speaker Berri: