Here Are The Election Results Of The New Lebanese Parliamentary Administration & Justice Committee


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri announced the results of the election of 17 members of the Administration and Justice Committee.

These 17 members are of 7 Amal & Hezbollah MPs, constituting the majority, 3 MPs of the Lebanese Forces (LF), 2 FPM, 2 Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), 1 Kataeb Party, and 2 Independent MPs.

Here are the newly elected members:

George Adwan Lebanese Forces (LF)
Ibrahim Kanaan Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Qabalan QabalanAmal & Hezbollah
George Okeis Lebanese Forces (LF)
Ashraf BaydounAmal & Hezbollah
Ali KhalilAmal & Hezbollah
Marwan Hmadeh Progressive Socialist Party (PSP)
Ghada Ayoub Lebanese Forces (LF)
Hassan Ezzeddine Amal & Hezbollah
Ghazi Zaiter Amal & Hezbollah
Hussein el Hajj Hassan Amal & Hezbollah
George Attallah Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Ali Khreis Amal & Hezbollah
Imad El Hout Independent
Oussama Saad Independent
Bilal Abdallah Progressive Socialist Party (PSP)
Nadim Gemayel Kataeb Party

Here are the results of the election of the other committees voted today, with 4 remaining committees that will be voted “another day”, according to Parliament Speaker Berri:

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