Here Are The Election Results Of The Lebanese Parliamentary Media & Communication Committee


On Tuesday, the new parliament proceeded with the elections of its committees, including but not limited to the Finance & Budget Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Women And Children Committee, Human Rights Committee, Youth & Sports Committee, and the Media & Communication Committee.

The voting for the Media & Communication Committee ended with the Opposition securing 3 seats, the FPM 3, Amal & Hezbollah 2, the Lebanese Forces (LF) 2, the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) 1, and Future Movement 1.

Ibrahim Al-MoussawiAmal & Hezbollah
Paula YacoubianOpposition
Yassin YassinOpposition
Marwan HamadehProgressive Socialist Party (PSP)
Firas Abu Hamdan Opposition
Nicola SehnaouiFree Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Ghayath Yazbeck Lebanese Forces (LF)
Jimmy Jabbour Free Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Qabalan Qabalan Amal & Hezbollah
Saeed Asmar Lebanese Forces (LF)
Cesar Abi KhalilFree Patriotic Movement (FPM)
Mohamad Sleiman Future Movement

Here are the results of the election of the other committees voted today, with 4 remaining committees that will be voted “another day”, according to Parliament Speaker Berri:

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