Lebanon Elections Will Officially Take Place March 27 & Diaspora Can Vote For All 128 Seats

Lebanon Elections Explained
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The electoral law amendment designating March 27th, 2022 as election day is now effective, despite objections by President Michel Aoun and his party, the Free-Patriotic Movement (FPM).

President Aoun tweeted on Friday that the law has become effective, despite his objection and previously returning the draft to be reviewed.

Prior to the changes becoming effective, the parliament submitted a draft to Aoun as part of the procedures. He returned it, claiming it violates several constitutional laws.

Several other changes were implemented to the electoral law. One of which is canceling the 6 seats limited to the Lebanese diaspora and allowing them to vote for all the 128 parliament members, as per their registered district.

Both Gebran Bassil, leader of FPM, as well as President Aoun also objected to this change. Their reasoning was that it deprives the Lebanese diaspora of their representation in the parliament.

However, the 6-seat limitation on the diaspora is seen as a method to control their vote as their representation is bound to 6 seats, regardless of the turnout.

Activists are placing their hopes on the Lebanese diaspora and the newly mobilized population to break the 40-year control by traditional parties.

The Lebanese diaspora, which outnumbers the population in Lebanon by 4 to 5 times, is believed to hold more progressive views and values that could bring forth the needed change for Lebanon.

If you hold Lebanese citizenship and won’t be in Lebanon on March 27, 2022, make sure to register to vote before November 20th, 2021. The process only takes 5 minutes.

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