You Can Now Order An Electric Saj Machine To Make Man2oush At Home!

There’s nothing better than an authentic zaatar man2oushe 3al saj! The struggle is especially real with you live outside of Lebanon where you can’t find a restaurant that serves man2oush 3al saj. This struggle may soon come to an end. All thanks to Chafik Karam from Portland, Oregon (USA). Karam launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds to create an Electric Saj Machine, called eSaj. Chafik says:

I moved from Lebanon to the US in 2007. Since then, I’ve always craved good Lebanese food. We cook at home all the time and always try to find the best and easiest way to cook Lebanese food.

Electric Saj Machine Project

He is trying to raise $20,000 (USD) in an “all or nothing” fundraiser. This means that if he doesn’t fund the project in full, no money is collected and we won’t get our electric Saj machines. The campaign is ongoing for the next 27 days. The campaign claims that you can make a man2ouche in just a couple of minutes. It’s “cooked to perfection with chewy dough from the inside and crispy from the outside.” You can also make pita bread, pizza, roti, and cheese man2ouche. If you’d like like to support the project, you can do so by pledging any amount. If you pledge $35 or $45, you can own an electric saj machine and it will be delivered to you around June of this year. After the “super early bird” and “early bird” pledges are done, you can pledge $55 to receive one around July or $65-75 to receive one around August. If you truly believe in this project and “want to invite the whole neighborhood for breakfast,”  you can pledge $1000 or more to receive 20 electric saj machines and have them delivered to you in August.

Click here to support and order an eSaj!

Note: they currently only ship to Canada and USA.