Elie Saab Is Joining The New Amazon Luxury Stores

Elie Saab Is Joining The New Amazon Luxury Stores
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Elie Saab is joining the list of high-end brands that are getting involved with Luxury Stores, Amazon’s unique new digital platform.

Luxury Stores enables brands to create a “store within a store” online experience for discerning customers. It allows them to control inventory, selection, and pricing, while providing special features for discerning customers, such as interactive 360-degree views of the listed products.

With this move, the Elie Saab brand is amplifying its presence in the digital world.

“Everyone finds this an intriguing subject – we saw Amazon has done things well, developing in a lot of sectors,” Elie Saab Jr., the chief executive officer of the world-famous Lebanese label, said in an interview with WWD.

“We spoke a lot with key executives at Amazon – those associated with this project, in particular – discussing their vision and how they saw the development of the activity, and integration in different markets,” he explained, affirming that this vision was aligned with Elie Saab’s.

“Everything we do will be focused around the digital realm.”

Amazon’s focus on the American market was also part of what attracted the fashion house to Luxury Stores. “It’s a good first step – mutually,” Saab said.

It’s worth noting that Elie Saab has been working with retail partners in the U.S. for years in what the executive called “historic partnerships that we really count on.”

Saab, who noted that many clients rely on department stores for the shopping experience, predicted that the label’s venture into the new platform will not affect its business with these partners.

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