Elie Saab Teams Up With UNICEF For The Well-being Of Vulnerable Girls In Lebanon

SBI | @uniceflebanon

World-famous Lebanese designer Elie Saab just launched a charitable initiative that will help ensure the safety, well-being, and education of high-risk vulnerable girls in Lebanon. 

With the designer’s perfume line turning 10 this year, Elie Saab will be donating a portion of sales from Elie Saab Parfums’ 10th-anniversary campaign to UNICEF’s “Integrated Education and Well-Being for Vulnerable Girls in Lebanon Program.” 

The program ensures that vulnerable girls and young women are provided with basic education, skills devolvement training, services that will protect them from gender-based violence, general and mental health services, and social assistance.

“I admire UNICEF’s mission in supporting the most vulnerable clusters and providing a solid platform to the youth,” the renowned designer said in a statement.

“During these difficult times and in this competitive world, we should raise resilient children to be prepared for a brighter future,” he added.

“By giving them the time and opportunities they need, teaching them the right skills, and empowering them, they will cultivate good qualities and secure better lives. Sometimes, a rough childhood can mold children into leaders with big inspirational life lessons.”

Saab was one of many designers and business owners who were hit by the Beirut blast. The designer, who put Lebanon on the map in the international fashion scene, has since been focusing more work on his home: Beirut.

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