Elissa Didn’t End up Playing ‘Beirut’ in La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Netflix Casa de Papel | Elissa

Last summer, Lebanese singer Elissa blew up social media when she tweeted, “I am ready to be part of the gang with the professor and the team!”

Shared with a picture of the show’s Salvador Dali mask, the tweet ended with, “Nairobi, we’re coming to save you. Love, Beirut!”

The official La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Twitter account responded with a simple, “We’re glad to have you on our side, Beirut.”

Netflix MENA chimed in and said, “I’m waiting for you, Beirut! Welcome to the gang.”

Fans of the show were conflicted and confused, wondering if that meant she’d be making an appearance in season 4 of La Casa de Papel.

But the fact of the matter is that the three accounts were just trolling around. They really know how to turn heads.

However, not everyone knew that and many of her fans waited in anticipation to see her in action.

Those skeptics who still think that the Lebanese singer would join the show as ‘Beirut’ can now rest as the fourth season aired and she was nowhere to be found.

While Beirut was not represented in character form, Lebanon was still featured in the new season of Money Heist.

The 8 binge-worthy episodes are followed by a documentary that includes snapshots of the Lebanese revolution.

The Netflix Special Money Heist: The Phenomenon, which discusses the shows’ impact on the world, is out on Netflix now.

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