Elissa Just Ranked Among The 50 Most Influential Twitter Users In The World


Our very own Lebanese singer Elissa was ranked among the top 50 most influential people on Twitter in 2020 by Brandwatch.

Brandwatch displayed the names of the top most influential Twitter users in a ranked list. Elissa ranked #45, an even higher rank than US ex-first lady Michele Obama ranked #50.

Among the ranked influencers that Elissa topped on the Brandwatch’s list: Pink (#49), Leonardo Di Caprio (#48), Kevin Hart (#47), and even Iggy Azalea (#46).

Brandwatch is the number one digital consumer intelligence platform that releases insights and datasets based on their own AI – which means that the ranking given is based on statistics, therefore making it impossible for the given rank to be questioned.

Elissa Zakaria Khoury, or mostly known as Elissa, is one of Lebanon’s and the region’s most famous singers.

She was the first Lebanese to receive the World Music Award Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist in 2005, a prestigious title she won again in 2006 and 2010.

Surprisingly, Elissa graduated with a degree in political science from the Lebanese University, but wanted to pursue a career in music and theater, until she got into a Lebanese national music competition – Studio El-Fan and won the silver medal.

She continued thriving on a steady uphill slope in her music career, becoming one of the richest celebrities in Lebanon.

According to Billboards ranking, her 4 top hit songs in respective order are the following: Halet Hob (a love situation), Saharna Ya Leil, Ila kol elli bihebbouni (to all those who love me), which she released after overcoming her battle with cancer, and finally Asaad wahda.

Worth citing some of the influencers on that Brandwatch’s top 50 whom the Lebanese public follows:

  • Drake, whose brand OVO supported Beirut after the blast, ranked #43.
  • Mariah Carey ranked #34.
  • Shakira, the world-famous singer of Lebanese origins, ranked #29.
  • Selena Gomez ranked #28
  • Rihanna ranked #26
  • Oprah ranked #23
  • LadyGaga ranked #12
  • Kim Kardashian ranked #11
  • Barak Obama ranked #7
  • Taylor Swift ranked #3
  • Donald Trump ranked #1

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