Watch ELLE’s video about Lebanese food!

Lebanese food is becoming more popular on an international level. In 2016, Travel and Leisure ranked Beirut first place under the “

Best International Cities for Food

.” Also, Souk El Akel appears on the cover of the  “

The World Atlas of Street Food

” which is the ultimate guide for the best places around the world where one can find mouthwatering foods and drinks. Recently, ELLE magazine shared a video about Lebanese food. The video shows eight Lebanese dishes and desserts: kebbeh, tabbouleh, labneh, kafta, falafel, warak enab, osmaliyeh, and baklava. The video is informative because it also cites the ingredients that each dish contains. However, people noticed a mistake concerning tabbouleh. The Lebanese salad does not contain couscous or cucumber, unlike what is mentioned in the video. Also, some people were disappointed that hummus or knefeh were not included on the list. However, a lot of people showed interest in the Lebanese cuisine and expressed how much they would like to take a culinary trip to Lebanon!

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