Popular Beirut Restaurant Em Sherif Just Opened Its Second Branch In Egypt

The Lebanese Restaurant Em Sherif Just Opened Its Second Branch in Egypt

The popular Lebanese restaurant Em Sherif continues to extend its wings beyond the borders, spreading the Lebanese food heritage and hospitality around the region.

Since opening in Beirut in 2011, Em Sherif has gained significant popularity, even becoming an icon of Lebanon’s culinary culture. He now boasts over 12 branches in the Middle East, including in Egypt, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Last week, it opened its first branch in London and now its second branch in Park St in Cairo, which will be followed on February 11th with the opening of yet another new branch in Beirut, in Karagulla Building, Avenue Du Parc.

Em Sherif’s excellence in the industry has earned it to be elected this week as one of the best restaurants in the region, making it to the list of the 50 Best Restaurants of the MENA, in a ceremony held in UAE, along with 4 other Lebanese restaurants.

Lebanon might be crippled by a compilation of severe crises and governmental negligence but its people continue to push forward to make the best of what they can do. They stand as the main asset of their country and the expectation of its salvation.

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