Lebanese Politician Emile Rahme Kicked Out Of A Cafe In Kaslik

Former minister Emile Rahme, leader of the Solidarity Party, got struck on Sunday by the public shaming campaign of politicians that is ongoing in Lebanon.

This is a form of keeping the politicians deemed corrupt by the Lebanese protesters under what seems to be like a ‘house arrest.’

This enacted statement was the third of its kind in one day, this Sunday, with protesters disrupting the lunchtime of MPs Sami Fatfat and Tarek Merhbi in a restaurant in Gemmayzeh, and Minister Youssef Fenianos forced to leave the fancy Aishti Store in Jal el Dib.

The same public shaming was previously taken against the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elie Ferzli, MP Ahmad Fatfat during a public meeting, MP Choucair, and former Prime Minister Seniora at AUB.

This one, however was much less of a mess than the others. The protesters heard that the former Minister Rahme was in a cafe in Kaslik, and they went and showed him the way out.

Though it was pretty obvious that Rahme and his companions were not at all pleased by this action made against them, they left nonetheless without a mess.

Rahme is part of Sleiman Frangieh’s Marada bloc also called Free and Unified Lebanon Bloc. He was elected MP in 2009. But to the revolution, he is just part of kellon yaane kellon, All Means All.

At this stage of excruciating pain Lebanon suffers from, no politician who took part in ruling Lebanon these three decades is excluded from the people’s anger.

For the people, they were and are all in this mess together. That became pretty obvious.

Some people were convinced that the revolution was dead, mostly because of the media blackout.

However, with the organized marches that were massive this weekend in particular, the ongoing public shaming campaign, the revolutionary actions, and the big gatherings, the revolution has forced its way back into the TV screens. 

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