14+ Amazing Photos Of En Naqoura In Lebanon That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Right, we’ve said it countless times, Lebanon has amazing sites, awe-inspiring sceneries, and views out of this world (no bragging, here). But if you haven’t yet explored the secluded coastal town of En Naqoura and seen its breathtaking spots, you still haven’t seen it all.

The town is located further along the highway of Tyre-Naqoura. Calm and sculpted by nature at its seashore, it is blessed with the cleanest seawater in the country.

But that’s not all. Take a look!

A blueness of paradise

Tempting crystal clear water

Sunsets that’ll make the best painters envious

An ideal place to unwind peacefully

Where swimming is an eden-like experience

The true meaning of chilling

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The ride along its coast is a delight like no other

Can you imaging what that nap must feel like?

Or absorbing the energy of the waves from that spot?


Bright moments before sunset


Start planning your next road trip, for En Naqoura is a hidden gem you shouldn’t miss admiring up close!

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