10 Enchanting Dates To Spend With Your Favorite Person This Spring In Lebanon

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Despite the lingering cold weather, spring is finally here, shyly warming the land still yet with rising expectations of more sunny days to come for outdoor activities.

It is the season of hope and blooming love, or so tells mother nature as she readies to grace us with all its glorious colorful beauty.

And when we speak of love and hope, we can’t but think of sprightly dates with our favorite person and also with the people we cherish.

Here are some of our recommendations to make out of your dates a work of art!

#1 Appetito Trattoria

In the lively area of Gemmayzeh, Appetito Trattoria is the perfect place for an Italian-mood date in the heart of Beirut. It is a comfy homey place serving deliciously fresh Italian cuisine.

#2 Picnic in Akoura

For the most adventurous ones and nature lovers, a picnic in the middle of Akoura after a hike is an outstanding experience to try if you haven’t yet. (And even if you already did!).

#3 Sapori E Vini

More Italian-mood in the list! And this time, it’s in the heart of Byblos, one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world, where you can enjoy à deux the Sapori E Vini’s experience with great food and wine tasting experience.

#4 Batroun Old Souk

What would be more romantic than having a promenade in Batroun’s old souk and port with your special one? Make a full day to catch the sunset… or allow the sunset to catch you in romance!

#5 The Coffee House & Lounge

If you are a coffee and nature lover, then this place in Ehmej is for you. You can bask in the warm hues of the sunset while admiring the breathtaking views from above the clouds. It’s the place to go for moments of absolute serenity.

#6 Cliff Camp

What’s better than spending a day or a whole weekend camping in front of breathtaking landscapes? Located in Yahchouh, Cliff Camp is the ideal place to spend time away from the city’s dynamic and pass quality time with your favorite person.

#7 Deir El Qamar

The fairy village of Deir El Kamar is a must-do, full of guesthouses, promenades, and restaurants; so perfect for a romantic day surrounded by Lebanon’s heritage in the middle of the mountains.

#8 Wine Tasting At Mersel

Situated in the northern region of Lebanon near Tripoli, Mersel Wine is a winery that just opened recently. For the first time, this spring, it will be possible to do wine tasting experiences.

Mersel Wine doesn’t claim fanciness but being “everyday people that support local farmers to make good Lebanese wine for everyone to enjoy!”

#9 Nabu Museum

This is not your usual museum. It is a sleek place of art history and culture with a breathtaking sea view, a sundeck for a soothing walk by the sea, and a rooftop to enjoy a cup of coffee.

This museum of contemporary art is practically new. It opened in 2018 and hosts painting exhibitions in addition to its permanent exceptional collection of ancient artifacts and rare manuscripts.

If you and your favorite date have an artistic, educated, and romantic soul, then this place is just perfect for you.

#10 Romancing in the snow

We might have stepped into the Spring season but the snow will remain glorious in the mountains for a while and you might want to take that advantage for a romantic date by the chimney or a more active one with snow activities.

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