40+ Enchanting Photos Of Achrafieh In Lebanon

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Perched on a hill above Gemmayzeh and extending southward to Badaro stands one of the oldest and most lively areas of Beirut and its highest point.

That is Achrafieh, a city within a city that represents all that Beirut is of residential and commercial hubs, an amalgam of the old and the new, the ancient and the modern, and the upbeat life of the capital.

It is as ancient as its neolithic traces of human activity found in its land, as old as its concentration of Ottoman and French architectural heritage and its narrow winding streets, and as new and modern as its high-rise residential and office buildings.

Cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, flower shops, galleries, and retail stores are everywhere to be seen, tucked between buildings and houses, adding to the lively ambiance of the city. It is also home to eight religious places of prayers, serving its religious co-existence, and prominent educational institutions.

Deemed as one of the beating arteries of the capital, Achrafieh has its own financial zone, mostly known as the banks’ avenue, and prestigious hotels, some of which are fancy boutique hotels.

One cannot certainly visit Beirut without exploring Achrafieh and enjoying its charm and vibrancy.

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40+ Enchanting Photos Of Achrafieh In Lebanon

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