12 Enchanting Places In Lebanon For A Romantic Summer Date

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There is a thrill to dating, especially in its first stage when it revolves around getting to know a love interest, but dating is also about sharing experiences and spicing up the relationship.

This basically involves not sticking to the routine or the very same spot. Nothing tones down the excitement more than “let’s meet at our usual place.”

Luckily, Lebanon boasts enchanting places that are great for romantic summer dates around a delicious meal or a drink, and in different settings and styles.

Here are some of them to spice up your relationship with new experiences à deux.

Mariolino – Batroun

Nestled in the romantic old souks of Batroun, Mariolino is a great place for a date night with a homey feeling and deliciously made Italian food.

For reservation, contact 76 766 555.

Arthaus Beirut – Gemmayze

Located in the vibrant streets of Gemmayze, Arthaus Beirut is one of the best places for a great date night surrounded by the colorful atmosphere of its boutique hotel.

For more details, contact 71 907 160.

La Villa 1920 – Beirut

Romance is in the air at this Italian fine-dining gem in the heart of Beirut with its embracing decor and soothing atmosphere.

For more info, contact 03 771 844.

Centrale Restaurant-Bar – Saifi

Operating since 2001, Centrale Restaurant-Bar serves exquisite French cuisine in a 20th-century Lebanese house.

So to enjoy its charming setting and delicious menu infused with the produce of the season, you can contact 03 915 925.

Sud Restaurant – Dbayeh

Located in Dbayeh, the SUD restaurant is a stunning place where you can eat an all-day brunch and enjoy a romantic dinner with your S/O.

For more info, contact 81 666 481 or 78 888 056.

Bavaglino – Beirut

Have a romantic time with your date on the scenic St. Nicholas stairs, savoring traditional Italian dishes, and surrounded by a friendly atmosphere.

Contact 81 091 080 for more info.

Le Sushi Bar – Beirut

Located in Beirut, Le Sushi Bar is a friendly upscale restaurant serving a wide range of seafood and unique Japanese cuisine in a Zen setting.

So if you and your date are seafood lovers, don’t hesitate to contact 71 338 555.

The Broad – Byblos

With the stunning golden view of the Mediterranean at sunset, The Broad has it all for a romantic date spiced up by great music and flavored with delicious cuisine and drinks.

For more info, contact 70 164 646.

Sē – Byblos

An enchanting dinner date at an enchanting seaside spot is what you’ll be up to on the beachfront of Byblos. You and your date will enjoy the nice sea breeze and the romantic mood.

For more info, contact 81 111 333.

Bar Du Port – Antelias

Bar Du Port is a bright spot by the sea where you can delight yourself and your S/O with an exquisite menu, cocktails, and a partying all night with live music and entertainment.

For more details, contact 71 444 006

La Funivia Lounge – Jounieh

La Funivia Lounge offers a new and unique experience for all the couples out there while providing a romantic date under the stars or the golden hues of sunset at the stunning beach.

The place opens from 6:30 pm until 12:30 AM. For inquiries, contact 81 350 335.

La Creperie – Sarba

La Crêperie is one of the most iconic restaurants in Jounieh. The place offers a nice concept with a stunning view over the Mediterranean, and delicious food to enjoy with your date.

For more information, contact 71 202 022.

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