Endangered animal was just saved from illegal trade in Lebanon!

A slow loris, which is an endangered animal, was illegally being sold at a pet shop in Lebanon for $2,000.


Trafficking animals at risk of extinction is illegal according to the Animal Protection and Welfare law. This crime is punishable by up to two years in prison and fines of up to $33,000.

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The NGO Animals Lebanon immediately contacted the Ministry of Agriculture to help the slow loris after learning about it. Half an hour after the call, “Nora” was moved into the care of Animals Lebanon.

Nora was only months old and weighed 130 grams when she was rescued. She still needed to be with her mother. Animals Lebanon took care of her for five months. The NGO even imported specialized food for her.

Nora is the first endangered animal confiscated under the new law and the court issued a decision to give Animals Lebanon full custody and approval to send Nora to a sanctuary.

Monkey World, an ape rescue center in England, welcomed Nora with open arms in its amazing sanctuary. She is now safe and Animals Lebanon is following up on the court case to make sure this crime does not go unpunished.

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Slow lorises look cute, but they are definitely not suitable pets. They are nocturnal animals, so being exposed to light causes extreme pain and suffering. You should also know that slow lorises have a venomous bite that is harmful to humans. These animals have a complex diet that consists of a mix of fruits and insects. It is tough to meet their dietary needs.

There are many viral videos online that show slow lorises being tickled. These animals hate to be tickled and raise their arms as a defense mechanism. Also, their teeth are clipped out so they cannot defend themselves when held in captivity.

Slow lorises are becoming popular pets, but they belong to the wild.


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