Lebanese Engineer Turned Single-Use Plastic Into Outdoor Benches


Ziad Abi Chaker, Founder and CEO of Cedar Environmental, has previously developed new technologies aimed to achieve a Zero Waste alternative to landfills.

His projects are getting recognition from many NGOs and prestigious universities like Harvard, for the hard work he and his team are putting into building a more eco-friendly Lebanon.

On Wednesday, he announced the completion of his company’s project turning single-use plastic into outdoor benches and garbage bins in the Mina Municipality of Tripoli.

In a post on Instagram, the Lebanese environmental engineer expressed that this project is a milestone for his company in its journey towards a sustainable future.

“Three years ago we set out to build machines to make profiles out of single-use plastic, we built one small prototype entirely in-house. Today, we have engineered and built 3 full-scale extruder machines entirely made in Lebanon, by Lebanese engineers and technicians, to produce 8 different profiles of plastic beams for different uses,” Ziad said.

He highlighted that the delivery of the UN-Habitat project with the municipality of Mina has succeeded to install 17 outdoor benches and 12 garbage bins, all made from recycled plastics.

“In other words, we have reached industrial capacity to NOT send to the landfill any type of plastic, but remanufacture it to make highly durable outdoor products,” he noted.

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