Lebanon’s Engineers & Architects Unite To Rebuild Beirut

The Beirut Port Explosion has left nothing much of the once beautiful and prideful Beirut with its rhapsody of modern and traditional that reflects Lebanon’s culture and lifestyle.

Today, the capital reflects the hearts of the nation, broken, shattered in pieces, burned down, crumbling in pain and desolation.

But those creative builders of Lebanon, who have shone out for their sleek skills in building excellence, won’t take it and refuse to wait for the state to budge.

They want Beirut’s people back into their homes, safe, and want Beirut back to its glory.

Initiatives have been launched and calls for engineers and construction experts, as well as plumbers, technicians, and so on, are circulating for all willing to contribute to the rebuilding of the capital to join in.

People are also stepping up to help the Builders of Beirut. with all what is possible to them, and some of these services are not insignificant:

“My family owns a shipping company in Tripoli. In a few days, we will be receiving containers of glass as donations,” a Lebanese tweeted. “We will not be charging any fees for whoever is shipping donations to Lebanon. Please spread the word…”

So, if you are abroad and can donate glass for the reconstruction of Beirut’s homes, contact this user’s family. They’re receiving glass donations, and are withdrawing fees to encourage more people to donate.

Plumbers, technicians, and glass and aluminum experts are also offering their services at a discounted price to the Builders of Beirut and the homeowners who got impacted.

More engineers, architects, designers, and all related professionals are needed in the field. The call is still circulating.

If you are an expert wanting to help, or someone in need of their professional services; contact these accounts:

  • Rebuilding Gemmayze
  • Front Line Engineers
  • Rebuild Beirut
  • Beirut Damage Relief
  • Live Love NGO, which is helping the engineers locate families needing their help, and recruiting volunteers to help on the ground.

Similarly, people and NGOs like DAFA have been on the ground since the very next day of the explosion, helping clear up and repair homes:

These are the Lebanese…

The people for whom this country deserves to prevail…

They are the nation, the builders of Lebanon, the great people who refuse to yield and recoil, for they know… Lebanon must live.

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