British Photographer Just Released Series Of Photos Of Lebanon & It’s Incredible


The British photographer James Kerwin, an avid fan of abandoned places, released his new book “Abandoned Beirut” in the latest series “Lebanon Falling”.

In this book, Kerwin takes us to the golden era of Lebanon, mansions, and houses once striving with people now left to deal with time.

The photographer wants to let people discover Lebanon through its abandoned places, focusing on the traditional architecture of the 19th century Ottoman Era, the picturesque and vivid atmosphere of the deserted places.

James Kerwin photographed many historically rich mansions and buildings from Zuqaq al-Blat in Beirut and Deir el Qamar along with unfinished or war-torn buildings from across the country and many others that were hit by the violent Beirut Blast.

In 2019, he produced Lebanon; A Paradise Lost focusing on Paris-like architecture.

His love with Lebanon started in 2017 and grew in 2019 when he visited and saw the amazing abandoned architecture scattered across the country.

Here is a sneak peek of James Kerwin’s photographs of Lebanon.

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British Photographer Just Released Series Of Photos Of Lebanon & It's Incredible

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