English Photographer Captures Lebanon “A Paradise Lost” In Stunning Photos & Videos


English photographer James Kerwin dedicates his work to hunting for abandoned treasures. With his lens, he captures the haunting beauty of structures and interiors that have been left neglected for years.

In 2019, he made a trip to where he found relics and ruins that blew his mind, birthing a series he called, Abandoned : A Paradise Lost.

James Kerwin

In a video, he explains that footage from his trip was never meant to be uploaded to his YouTube channel. However, shocked by the Beirut blast, he wanted to share his videos in hopes to raise donations for Beirut.

You can watch the first of his five videos dedicated to at the end of this article. For now, here are some of the stunning and striking pictures he took of , our own “Paradise Lost.”

 “My heart goes out to the people of Beirut. is lost again.” ~ James Kewin.