10+ Things You Can Do With Your BFF In Batroun

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Located 53 km north of Beirut is the coastal city of Batroun. It is a laid-back beach town, full of many existing activities, which you can best enjoy with your BFF or a group of friends.

#1 Rent a bike

You can bike through the down-to-earth city, and explore its treasures. Also, the Routes Rental shop organizes tours in Batroun, so you and your BFF can explore the city together with a local guide.

#2 Explore the Old Souk

The Old Souk is one of Batroun’s many jewels that takes you time traveling to the past, a golden past of Lebanon.

#3 Visit The Phoenician Wall

Batroun was once a Phoenician city and the wall was built as protection from sea invaders. Sounds like something straight out of Game of Thrones.

#4 Visit the church of the Lady of the Sea

You can visit this Greek Orthodox church and its beautiful arches and the view that overlooks the old Phoenician Wall.

#5 Taste Batroun’s famous lemonade

Batroun is known for its lemonade. In 2012, it entered the Guinness Book of world records for the largest cup of Lemonade.

#6 Visit St. Estephan Cathedral

This pretty site is the town’s main Maronite church, located right on the harbor.

#7 Explore the Mseilha Fort

You can explore the fort located at the foothills of the Batroun mountains. You and your friends can even take it further and go hike the Mseilha Walkway, which is a popular trail near the fortress.

#8 Savor the local eateries

The beach town is full of great seafood restaurants, like the colorful Chez Maguy, the relaxed Pierre & Friends, and the modest Jammal Restaurant (with tables right on the shore).

#9 Take a boat ride at Batroun’s Sea Port

Batroun’s port is a lovely site for a leisurely walk. You and your BFF can take a boat ride or just enjoy the view of the small boats and get some Instagram-worthy pics.

#10 Try the local beer

Taste the different flavors of locally brewed beer at Colonel, where you can also grab a hearty meal and enjoy lounging on the grass or on the beach at Colonel’s beach bar.

#11 Go wine tasting

You can visit one of many wineries tucked away in Batroun’s mountains.

#12 Take a Yoga class

In the laid back town, you can also take a yoga Darma-Ji’s studio/guesthouse for a calm wellness retreat with your BFF.

#13 Party till dawn

Batroun is known to throw some of the wildest parties in North Lebanon!

#14 Dive in water activities

Here, you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, you name it – it’s a beach town after all!

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