7 Entertaining “Would You Rather?” Scenarios, Lebanese Edition

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“Would You Rather?” – a game that sparks laughter, and debates, and reveals a lot about your friends’ preferences.

In Lebanon, a country known for its vibrant culture and unique quirks, this game takes on a whole new level of fun.

Get ready to chuckle and ponder with these enjoyable “Would You Rather?” situations, Lebanese style:

Hummus Showdown

Would you rather have to eat your weight in hummus every week or never taste hummus again? In a land where hummus is practically a food group, this dilemma is no laughing matter.

Traffic or Never-ending Line

Would you rather be stuck in Beirut traffic for eternity or wait in a never-ending line at the bakery for your Manoushe? It’s a battle between patience and perseverance!

Lebanese Coffee vs. French Croissant

Would you rather give up Lebanese coffee forever or never indulge in a buttery French croissant again? A true test of loyalty between caffeine and flaky pastries.

Dabke Dance-off

Would you rather have to lead the Dabke dance at every family gathering or belt out a traditional Lebanese song in public every time you meet a friend? Get ready to embrace your inner performer.

Cedar Tattoo or Tabouleh Scent

Would you rather have a tiny cedar tree tattoo on your wrist or emit a faint scent of tabouleh wherever you go? A tough choice between national pride and aromatic surprises.

Instant Zaatar Bread or Eternal Tabbouleh Prep

Would you rather summon a fresh piece of zaatar bread whenever you want or spend eternity prepping tabbouleh? The convenience of magic bread versus the dedication of a timeless ritual.

Rainy Knefe Craving or Sunburned Saj Craving

Would you rather crave warm Knefe (sweet cheese pastry) on the rainiest day or sizzling saj (flatbread) on the hottest day? A comical take on battling the elements for your favorite treats.

These lighthearted “Would You Rather?” scenarios offer a glimpse into the playful and delicious aspects of Lebanese culture.

Share these with friends, family, or fellow Lebanese, and enjoy the laughter that ensues as you contemplate these hilarious and uniquely Lebanese dilemmas.

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