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43 Celebrities Wore Lebanese Designers at Cannes Film Festival

Lebanese designers sparkled all the way down to the South of France!

It’s that time of the year again! The Annual Cannes Film Festival! This long-awaited yearly event isn’t just another ceremony to premiere blockbuster movies. It’s THE event to showcase the most prominent movies. It is also an opportunity to premiere the latest fashions- both couture and ready to wear. And this year, around 43 top celebrities impressed the Red Carpet with unique attires by Lebanese designers.

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With an event so big, big names come also with it, and who other to dress them than the big names themselves like our Lebanese designers?

From Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Rami Kadi, and Georges Hobeika to Georges Chakra and Jean Louis Sabaji, their names shone out once more along with the celebrities they dressed up in glory for the occasion.

These two weeks of May, up to the 25th, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, glittered in beauty and excitement at the annual Cannes Film Festival.

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The red carpet witnessed indeed beautifully woven and breathtaking dresses, inciting gawking expressions on onlookers and world journalists. The art crafted gowns by our Lebanese designers were among the most outstanding.

International fashion houses over the years have been known for dressing all the A-listers attending any of the prestigious ceremonies or award shows.

It is of no surprise yet always refreshing that designers from Lebanon continue to leave their refined marks on the world with designs so beautiful, making it difficult for these celebrities to not come back for another.

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Evidently, a fashion statement was being made- tulle, sequins, and feathers! Haute Couture was calling at the Cannes Film Festival and it hailed glamour and glitz from our designers, who made sure everyone heard their fashion statements.

Our internationally acclaimed film director Nadine Labaki represented us with not only her successful film Capernaum but in a gorgeous blue drape gown by Elie Saab. Further through the event, it was an asymmetric black dress by Zuhair Murad that she wore to perfection. We must say, it fit her like a glove.

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Elie Saab was also the fine designer who dressed up the famous British actress Helen Mirren in a glamorous gold nude and embellished gown. Lebanese designer Rami Kadi left his brilliant mark as well, with his designs all spark and shine on the contrasting red carpet.

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Rami Kadi's novel creativity twinkled with silver sequin on the Portuguese model Sara Sampaio whom he dressed up in an overall with a princess-like train. Thai actress Araya Hargate was also dressed up by Kadi's unique design of a delicately sequined rose gold halter dress.

Many of the designers not only dressed the stars in dazzling gowns' couture but in ready-to-wear as well. The likes of Penelope Cruz, made jaws drop in a chain designed short tuxedo dress with its matching blazer, by Elie Saab.

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