Your guide to escape rooms in Lebanon!

Escape rooms give you the opportunity to get away in an alternate reality, show off your problem-solving skills, and bond with your friends. The participants are trapped in a room and have to use clues, hints, and evidence to solve any given mystery and escape in a limited amount of time. Visit these escape rooms in Lebanon if you want to have fun with your friends!

Haunted Escape Room   Location: Baouchriyeh Price: $$ Games:

  • The Haunted Gallery: Abnormal activities are happening at the art gallery where a precious statue is protected by a laser. The guards were murdered, and only one of them survived. You have only one hour to steal the statue before the guard comes back.
  • The Cursed Tomb: You must find a way to escape an ancient Egyptian tomb. Be careful not to wake up the Pharaoh!
  • SAW: Jigsaw has arrived in Lebanon and is looking for his next victims.


Escape Games Beirut

Location: Antelias Price: $$ Games:

  • Medieval Quest
  • Disappeared
  • Bomb Squad
  • Mad Scientist
  • The Hangover
  • Crazy Chef


The Room

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Location: Rmeil Price: $$ Game: 

You and your team enter an old house from the 19th CenturyYou have 

one hour to escape the place by using hints, clues and riddles to solve the 

mystery behind the story of a couple, Rose and Edward.


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