7 Escape Rooms In Lebanon That You Should Definitely Visit With Your Friends

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Going to escape rooms with a group should definitely be on your bucket list this summer. With many different themes, games, and quests, Lebanon’s different escape rooms are loaded with thrilling adventures that await to be enjoyed.

In order to help you experience all the fun with your group of friends or family, we have put together a list of fun escape rooms that you should visit:

Maze Of Tails

Maze Of Tails is not only one of the top escape rooms in Lebanon but also in Dubai.

Participants have to take the role of the characters and try to think like them in order to fully solve the mystery.

Located in Mar Elias, Ain Saadeh, Maze Of Tales is a 1 to 2-hour duration of outer adventure that will increase your sense of adrenaline.

For more info, contact  +961 70876943

Escape Plan

Located in Naqqache, Escape Plan takes a general theme every year that fits with the general trend, especially in terms of movies and series.

From 2018 to 2020, Escape Plan’s theme was the famous series “La Casa De Papel”. Later in 2021, F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the core of the escape room.

Escape Plan is a great adventure to get you and your group more familiar with your favorite series and helps you relive your favorite moments while being a part of a famous show.

For more info, contact 81-414925

The Haunted Escape Room

Haunted Escape Room, Jdeideh, has a different selection of themes that you can choose from.

Inspired by thriller and horror movies, you can choose your escape room theme from Annabelle, The Mummy, The Haunted Gallery, IT, Haunted Hotel, Saw, The Ring, and The Conjuring.

For more info, contact 81808233

Square 51

Square 51’s escape room offers three different types of adventures.

1 – Sanuk Lost City – ABC Dbayeh (70 minutes)

2 – House of Merlin – Online (90 minutes)

3 – House of Merlin – Kfardebian (90 minutes)

Using only your brain and teamwork, Square 51’s escape room offers one of the greatest escapology sessions.

For more info, contact 81 3179 51

Squit The Game

Squit The game, Jdeideh is an escape room inspired by the famous series, Squid Game.

The whole adventure consists of an escape game, puzzle room, or exit game. It is a game in which a team of players discovers clues, solves puzzles, and finally escapes the room.

For more info, contact 76 432 906


Graveyard, Antelias, is the latest escape room concept in Lebanon.

There are five horrifying rooms that are completely haunted, wherein players will bring themselves out of through solving the quests.

Graveyard is a great escape room for people seeking thrilling and horror-filled adventures.

For more info, contact 76-055228

Bitcoin Escape The Room

Bitcoin Escape The System in Dora is the top 1 destination for people who are into cryptocurrency.

Not only will you have fun solving riddles, but if you end up winning, you might win 10,000 BTC.

For more info, contact 71 934 734.

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