EU Allocates $25 Million To Support Agriculture In Lebanon And Jordan

EU Allocates $25 Million To Support Agriculture In Lebanon

In the wake of the deteriorating living conditions and reduced food security for populations in Lebanon and Jordan, the European Union launched a project that will promote sustainable agricultural development in both countries.

The project specifically addresses the negative impact of the Syrian crisis on both Syrians and host communities in Lebanon and Jordan. It outlines a plan that develops agricultural productivity and boosts the income of many locals.

In Lebanon, it will create short-term employment of 100,320 person-days, and increase the income and livelihood for 2,170 vulnerable families.

Additionally, it will create agriculture production support systems for smallholders, as well as support small family-based agri-food businesses to improve their productivity and increase the financial feasibility of their activities.

Other forms of support, including the management of natural resources and the provision of training opportunities for the most vulnerable, will also be provided by the project.

The EU allocated a budget of $25,255,192 to the project, which will be handled by the UN’s FAO, in partnership with IFAD and WFP, in collaboration with the Agriculture Ministries of Lebanon and Jordan.

It is expected to last for around two years and end in September 2022.

The EU has also announced recently a donation of $35 million to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who are suffering from terrible living conditions from the economic crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 situation.

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