EU Ambassador: We’re Working To Save The Lebanese People, Not Politicians

EU Ambassador: We're Working To Save The Lebanese People, Not Politicians

Despite their failure to break the Lebanese political deadlock and jump-start the government formation thus far, international calls and initiatives for Lebanon are still ongoing, especially from the European side.

The countries that are working on resolving the Lebanese crisis are reportedly worried that the economic deterioration and its accompanying social unrest would lead to a new conflict.

Addressing this concern, a European ambassador was quoted by the Al-Liwaa newspaper as saying in a recent meeting, “We are working today to save the Lebanese people, not the politicians.”

“To this end, our assistance will focus on supporting the Lebanese Army, as it is capable of maintaining security and stability in Lebanon, which has been proven by all previous experiences and stages.”

Additional support will consist of humanitarian aid for the Lebanese and for health and educational institutions in Lebanon, according to the same diplomat.

Future aid will focus on medical and humanitarian aspects and involve social assistance that goes through the Lebanese Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations directly to those in need, “without the Lebanese state having any role in these matters.”

This is not the first time the international community has kept the state out of the aid distribution equation in Lebanon.

This unconcealed lack of trust for the ruling class is a big part of why Lebanon is being deprived of the financial support it needs to get out of its crisis.