EU Parliament Labeled Lebanon’s Situation As “A Man-Made Catastrophe”

Christophe GRUDLER | EuroNews

The European Union parliament issued a resolution voted by the majority and in which it declares Lebanon’s situation “a man-made catastrophe caused by a handful of men from the ruling political class.”

It noted its extreme concern “about the irreversible damage suffered by the Lebanese population, in particular the brain drain and the depletion of human resources.”

EU MP and French politician Christophe Grudler took to Twitter a day earlier to briefly announce in a video clip that the EU parliament will issue an important decision against the corrupt politicians in Lebanon” on Thursday.

“The aforementioned decision will include several points, the most prominent of which is the condemnation of obstructing the investigation in regards to the devastating explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut on August 4th, 2020, leaving hundreds dead and wounded,” Grudler said.

The resolution will also condemn any rejection by the Lebanese parliament of the financial and economic rescue plan, in addition to imposing quick and urgent European sanctions against the corrupt politicians or economists in the country.

Grudler explained that “the decision comes in support of the Lebanese people who are suffering from an unprecedented crisis, as the living conditions deteriorated and the local currency lost most of its purchasing value, while prices rose insanely, and most of the Lebanese (85%) became at the poverty line, while the fuel, electricity and other crises worsened.”

“The expected decision would be strict and very strong, in order to put an end to rampant corruption and end foreign interference,” he stressed.

After a year of governmental emptiness in Lebanon, the European Union Parliament in Strasbourg issued its resolution on Thursday, saying the European governments cannot yet release pressure on Lebanon.

The resolution garnered the majority of votes, with 571 in favor, 71 against, and 39 absentations.

Among the points noted in the resolution, the EU insists on the must to strengthen the Beirut Blast investigation, deploring the lack of cooperation of the majority of the Lebanese Parliament and certain ministries with the judicial authorities.

The EU parliament urged the Lebanese new government to not withhold its contribution in trying to save the country, and especially when it comes to tackling the critical economic crisis.

“The issue of targeted sanctions for obstructing or undermining the democratic political process remains an option,” the EU said.

It calls on all the EU member states, without exception, and their partners, UK and Switzerland, “to cooperate in the fight against the alleged embezzlement of public money by a number of Lebanese officials.”

In June, the EU agreed to impose assets freezing and travel bans on all Lebanese politicians who are accused of being corrupt or violating any human rights laws.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell told the parliament that sanctions would have been imposed on Lebanon if a government wasn’t formed on September 10th.

The EU warned Lebanese politicians to be aware that many of them have assets in the European Union countries.

The EU resolution comes in an unprecedented strict and very strong stance, with numerous decisions aiming at helping the Lebanese people and put an end to the rampant corruption crippling the country. For all details, click here.

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