This Is What The EU Observation Mission Had To Say About Lebanon’s 2022 Elections


The EU Observation Mission, as commented by Chief Observe Hölvényi György, has recorded ongoing violations committed by political channels and candidates during election day in Lebanon, on May 15th, including breaching the vow of political silence during the electoral period.

György stated that all polling stations opened on time with minimal delay. However, he found it concerning that two-thirds of the observed polling stations were not accessible to voters with reduced mobility.

The EU Election Observation Mission had positioned 170 observers in 26 minor districts and 15 major districts throughout Lebanon. monitoring and evaluating the electoral process and its abidance with regional and international commitments on political participation and democratic elections.

As reported by LADE and witnessed by the Lebanese people throughout the day, the electoral process was chaotic in several areas, with countless violations, even fraudulent acts with ballots, and interferences by parties’ delegates and partisans, to name a few.

However, the Election Observation Mission has not yet made its report respecting the non-interference rule in the electoral process, as votes are still being counted.

A full assessment will be held after the end of the elections on Tuesday, May 17 in a press conference at 11 am, according to György.

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This Is What The EU Observation Mission Had To Say About Lebanon's 2022 Elections

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