The EU Is Urging Responsibility In Beirut Blast Criminal Case

EU Just Adopted Framework To Sanction Lebanese Officials
European Union/EP

On the 2nd anniversary of the catastrophic Beirut Blast, the European Union (EU) and all its members demand to get an answer for what exactly happened.

“Sympathy and thoughts to families who lost their loved ones on that tragic day, as well as to all those who were impacted,” they expressed in a statement and reiterated their solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Beirut residents.

They also made it a point to restate their commitment of support “in response to the explosion, alongside civil society actors, who have played a critical role in these efforts.”

Alike the statement of President Emmanuel Macron, the statement of the EU came firm and strong, demanding accountability and the investigation to continue without any political interference.

“The investigation must be impartial, credible, transparent, and independent. It must deliver results without further delays, in order to bring to light the causes of the tragedy and hold those responsible accountable,” they stressed.

Two years have passed since the Beirut Blast that killed over 234 innocent people, including children, and justice hasn’t been served due to continuous obstructions of the investigation by politicians.

Here are the yearly timelines of the investigation that clearly show a pattern of intentional obstructions, up to the first anniversary of the Beirut Blast, and through its second year to date.

The 244 Beirut Blast Victims, Remember Their Names.

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