Video of Lebanese Evacuee Sharing Her Experience Sparked Outrage

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After the London-Beirut flight that sparked outrage among passengers due to the lack of social distancing on board and the high ticket prices, one citizen returning home from Greece had more to add.

This citizen is Lebanese actress Nour Saab. She posted a video that was widely spread among Lebanese people on social media.

The public was not happy about what she revealed of her experience upon her arrival and have been expressing their outrage.

“I am currently in quarantine, and I would like to assure everyone that I tested negative for COVID-19,” Nour said, “However, it is such a shame that there are things people are oblivious to, especially those in the diaspora who are coming back to Lebanon.”

She continues: “They told us that when we arrive in Lebanon, the government will take care of all expenses. We were told that the government will provide the COVID-19 test and will pay for our night at the hotel.”

According to Nour Saab, this wasn’t the case: “We arrived at a very expensive hotel that the government picked for us. There must be an agreement between the hotel management and the Ministry of Tourism or the Ministry of Health.”

She shared that the hotel food was expensive but they weren’t allowed to order food from outside.

“Of course, we couldn’t order or bring our own food, and the food at the hotel was expensive. There were some people among us who didn’t have money on them and they were humiliated,” she said.

She then calls on Lebanese people abroad to bring money with them if they are returning to Lebanon.

According to her, the hotel wouldn’t give them receipts upon leaving: “When we checked out of the hotel, we didn’t receive a bill. Shame on you.”

In the caption of her posted video, Nour wrote: “This is what went down… Our bags got lost and we didn’t receive them until late at night. Those who didn’t have money on them stayed in the lobby without food. Enough humiliation…”

On the other hand, another Lebanese returning from the Arab Gulf shared her experience with The961.

She recounted that she was placed in a fancy hotel, free of charge for the first night. An additional night would cost 100,000LL.

She shared with us that she, like the other passengers on her flight, was tested for COVID-19 at no charge, and was provided with a complimentary food box (picture below).

She was charged 30,000LL for an optional meal but the breakfast the next day was free.

When she was safe to go home, the ministry called her every day to make sure she’s okay. According to her, the government also called her daily to make sure she was self-isolating.

Another Lebanese coming from Dubai told The961 that dinner at the hotel where they booked her was expensive, but both the night stay and the morning breakfast were free.

So what happened with Nour Saab and the passengers of her flight that they weren’t provided for as she says?

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