15 Events Happening This Weekend In Lebanon To Get The Freak On

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The crises in Lebanon are not stopping the Lebanese to enjoy what they can and when they can. Their strong desire for life is nothing more than their entrenched characteristic of survival, probably inherited from their predecessors in this land always struggling to prevail.

So when they get the chance to sing and dance, they do so. For them, entertainment is not just a thoughtless waste of time. It is more of a reflection of their willpower to live and survive.

Thus, nothing strange that events and parties happen every weekend in Lebanon, and here are some of them for those wishing to join in and have a jolly time to forget for at least a night that Lebanon is not so well.

Note: All the events need a reservation, so don’t forget to contact the event before going!

#1 Live music with Stephanie El Khoury

Enjoy Saturday, February 26, night listening to amazing music and grab a cocktail, and have fun the whole night at the Jaz bar at Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Sin El Fil.

RSVP: 01516570.

#2 Live shows at Burj On Bay Hotel – Tabarja

Have a jolly time this whole weekend at Burj On Bay hotel with live music on Friday and Saturday, February 25 and 26, and a good hearty brunch on Sunday!

RSVP: 70199559.

#3 Live performances at The Wooden Cellar – Beirut

Don’t miss out on the live events on Friday, February 25, at The Wooden Cellar with musical performances by Jean Lahoud on the Saxophone and Jihad Wehbe on Piano Bar.

There is also a live guitar night on Saturday, Feb 26 with Jihad Wehbe.

RSVP: 76808392.

#4 Comedy Night at The Duke of Wellington

If you do not feel like partying this weekend, you can enjoy a comedy night with Maurice Daou and Kamal Fouani on Friday, Feb 25 at the Duke of Wellington in Hamra.

RSVP: 03717813.

#5 House of Pop at D-Beirut

Dance the whole night with your friends and enjoy the music and the amazing ambiance this Friday for an exceptional night at the House of Pop at D-Beirut. There will also be a round of singalongs.

#6 El Compadre – Jounieh

A night to forget all your worries at the vibes of Alecco’s and a live DJ of Oriental beats on Saturday, February 26 at El Compadre in Jounieh.

RSVP: 81501234.

#7 Dance the night away at Carleon – Kaslik

Dj Peet is entertaining the night on Friday, Feb 25, at Carleon in Beirut, followed on Saturday, Feb 26, by DJ Malak Hakeem

#8 Kult – Dora

You can enjoy Sunday night, February 27, singing and dancing with Ziad Bourji at the Kult in Dora.

RSVP: 71522511.

#9 A wild night at The Swan in Beirut

An “Inferno Night” with DJ Marvik is taking place on Saturday, February 26 at the Swan in Beirut for an upbeat night of dancing and cheering.

RSVP: 81992525.

#10 Amarilla – Antelias

Tasty cocktails and amazing beats by DJ Steve Salameh to enjoy a happy night will take place this Friday and Saturday, Feb 25 and 26.

RSVP 70705200.

#11 Groove with Urban music at Caprice

You can dance and drink the whole night away with your friends at Caprice in Beirut and enjoy Urban music this and every Saturday.

RSVP:  70 220 223

#12 Saturday night at Projekt – Jal El Dib

Groove to amazing beats on Saturday, February 26 at Projekt with a lineup of DJs including Fade, Feeona, Jason Kaakoush, and Willy.

RSVP: 76912591

#13 Lineup at The Ballroom Blitz – Beirut

Have an amazing time this Saturday dancing to beats with regional and local talents like Stefano Noferini, AYN, Chloë, Madjam, Eli Atala, Khatune, and many more at The Ballroom Blitz.

RSVP 76999334.

#14 A weekend dancing at Toi – Dbayeh

Dive into the music and amazing cocktails this and every weekend at Toi and enjoy this Friday, February 25, with DJ Carlos, and Saturday, Feb 26, with DJ Peet.

RSVP: 70225622.

#15 Dance the whole day this Sunday

Enjoy on Sunday, February 27, at Odin Mzaar with IceBreaker event, and don’t miss out on an amazing DJ lineup, extending from 11 am till 9 pm.

RSVP: 76506502