Everything That Is Now Open In Lebanon

Ghassan Sebaaly

On Tuesday, June 2nd, Information Minister Manal Abdel-Samad voiced out during the Cabinet session what all the Lebanese have been feeling and thinking for weeks:

Lebanon cannot continue to be closed as some institutions have begun to shut down and employees have started losing their income.

Attempting to reopen the country and allow people to resume their breadwinning work, Lebanon has announced the reopening of numerous places.

However, respecting the curfew and abiding by the health safety measures remain a must.


All types of factories can open for 24 hours but have to work out the opening and closing times so that people are not out on the streets past curfew (curfew is 12 am till 5 am).

Whole food markets

Fruits and vegetable markets, fish markets, butchers, bakeries, mills, medical supplies depots, and so on. These markets must limit exits and entrances to two, ensure social distancing, and take all safety precautions. They can open for 24 hours.


Pharmacies are open for 24 hours based on the decision taken by their syndicate.

Financial institutions

Banks, individual money dealers, money exchanges/transfer, West Union, etc are open. Social distancing must be ensured.


Security companies

Security companies can open for 24 hours, but with required precautions.

Recreational places

Malls, shopping centers, casinos, sea corniche, museums, shooting ranges, and most recreational places can open between 5 am to midnight, with the exception of those which must remain closed (listed at the end).


Public transportation

Vans, buses, and taxis can only be filled 60%. Face masks are mandatory All passengers have to wear masks unless the bus is occupied by only the driver or a group of people living in the same house. They can operate between 5 am to 12 am.

Hotels and furnished apartments

Hotels, guest houses, furnished apartments, can open for 24 hours with safety precautions and ongoing continuous disinfection.

Restaurants and cafes

From 5 am to 10 pm, restaurants and cafes can accept up to 50% capacity and maintain sanitization.

Beaches and pools

Beaches and pools can open for swimming between 5 am to 12 am.

Maintenance companies

Maintenance companies such as those of electricity, gas stations, water, phone (Alfa and MTC), etc, can open with precautions.

Construction sites

Construction site and cement plant workers can operate from 7 am till 6 pm with all the precautions.

*Places that cannot open:

Cinemas, theaters, kid zones, gyms, spas, amusement parks, night clubs, internet cafes, nurseries, and everywhere that holds crowds and gatherings, such as venues, must remain closed.

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