Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Voting From The Diaspora For Lebanon’s Elections


The Lebanese diaspora and expats will get the chance to vote in the 2022 Elections before their counterparts in Lebanon. Local elections will take place on May 15th while abroad elections will happen on May 6th and May 8th.

Out-of-country voting dates differ from one country to the other, you can check with your respective local diplomatic mission or check out: Here Are All The Voting Locations For The Lebanese Elections.

The dates for abroad elections are determined by time zones and country weekend days policy. In simple terms, voting will take place on either a Friday or a Sunday, depending on holidays in the country of residence.

Employees participating in the electoral process, however, will be voting on May 12th, in order to be at liberty for both local and abroad elections.

Registered voters will be contacted by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities informing them of their electoral code, polling location, and station number. Lebanese citizens who haven’t been contacted can always visit their diplomatic mission’s website for the aforementioned relevant details.

Abroad voters registered on polling lists with their respective Lebanese mission in their country of residence, be they citizens or residents of the host country, should carry with them a valid biometric or blue-navy passport, or the plastic Lebanese ID card when arriving at the polling stations.

If you haven’t yet renewed your passport, and are willing to vote, you should head to the nearest mission to renew your credentials in order to be able to vote.

The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities has previously announced designated voting centers for each country. 961News has prepared a minimalist and comprehensive, yet exhaustive list that will help anyone. Make sure to check it out.

What first-timers need to know:

Electoral processes can be confusing for first-timers, and it is not advised to ask anyone for help. There are employees who are designated for this process and they hold the full knowledge (and responsibility) about any inquiries you might have.

The law clearly bans the initiation and termination of the electoral process without the full presence of all pertinent employees as well as representatives of electoral lists. When the attendance is full, the process can begin.

You are only required to bring your credentials (aforementioned passport and ID) and maybe a pen, maybe. The electoral lists are prepared and preprinted by the authority and a blue ballpen will be available. You cannot write or create a customized list.

You will be able to choose the electoral list you wish to vote for (you can only vote for one prefixed list), when you’re given the list, you will be required to also check a “preferred” or “starred” candidate who you deem the politically fittest.

Make sure that you maintain your privacy once in the booth, and that you answer no personal or elections-related questions that can be used to lure you into giving any details. The law does not allow any form of recording or information exchange in the stations.

The rest is very easy to figure out, elections will take place from 7:00 AM until closing the boxes at 10:00 PM.


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