Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Baabda Meeting

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Baabda Meeting

A meeting to discuss the security, economic, financial, and judicial situation in Lebanon was held in the Presidential Palace in Baabda on Monday.

The meeting was headed by President Michel Aoun and attended by senior officials, including caretaker PM Hassan Diab and Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh, in addition to military and security officers and Public Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat.

The following six decisions were announced at the end of the meeting:

  1. Tasking security forces with arresting all persons who violate the provisions of the Currency and Credit Law and the law regulating the money exchange profession, including both licensed and unlicensed money changers who practice speculation.
  2. Tasking security forces, based on the judiciary’s indication, to continue the closure of the local illegal electronic platforms and groups that determine the prices of the U.S. dollar against the Lebanese pound, and to continue for this reason to communicate with the international official bodies and global electronic platforms based on the applicable international laws.
  3. Tasking the competent ministries and security agencies to control the use of foreign currency except for commercial, industrial, or health sectoral purposes, in order to secure the basic requirements of citizens.
  4. Tasking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with intensifying diplomatic work to urge donor countries to assist the displaced Syrians in their motherland.
  5. Emphasizing the necessity and importance of preparing and approving the draft law known as capital control.
  6. Requesting that security forces and the military do not allow roads to be closed, taking into account preserving the safety of citizens, demonstrators, and public and private property.

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