Everything You Need to Know About the Engineer Nominated for Prime Minister of Lebanon

Out of the nominated names for next Prime Minister of Lebanon, the one most recently trending is Samir Khatib; a highly successful Lebanese engineer and businessman, and a close friend of the current caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri.


Khatib has had a long career in business, engineering, and management, and plenty of experience in those fields. Today, he is the Executive Vice-President of Khatib & Alami, which is a global engineering company working in the fields of consulting, engineering designs, and project management, and is ranked No. 40 in the world according to the statistics of 2017.

He began his career in the company back in 1972 and became a partner and member of its Board in 11 years, later in 1983. During his career at K&A, he played a key role in establishing and managing several office locations for the company, including Tripoli, Algiers, Egypt, Jeddah, and Damascus.

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Being an engineer himself, Khatib is responsible for the business operations of K&A in the Levant and Qatar. Before that, he was Director-Area general Manager for Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.

The company has carried out many megaprojects around the world, including hotels, city planning, infrastructure, and museums. It has also won many international awards for its illustrious projects.

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Some reports have claimed that the major political parties in Lebanon (Hezbollah, Amal Movement, the Free Patriotic Movement, and PM Saad Hariri) have all agreed to have Samir Khatib elected as Prime Minister of the next cabinet, but this has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

PM Saad Hariri’s office stated today that his official nominee will be specified with the call for parliamentary consultations, and will be announced in a statement issued by himself. It also stated that any and all names circulating the media as nominees of Hariri do not represent his official decision.

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Samir Khatib made his first statement following the publication of his name today. He told OTV: “I was contacted by some parties concerned with the formation of the government and my answer was that consensus is necessary for any solution.”

He later added, “I’m equally distanced with everyone, I have a good relationship with all parties and I have a special personal relationship with Hariri, but the final decision has not yet been made.”

The decision will be made at the parliamentary consultations, which should take place next week in the presidential palace in Baabda.


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