Lebanese Restaurant Evette’s Is Opening In Time Out Market Chicago

@evettes_chicago | @hospitalityarts

On Wednesday, March 16, the Lebanese restaurant Evette’s will begin serving its fresh cuisine in Time Out Market Chicago, at Fulton Market.

Evette’s is owned by Lebanese-American Mitchell AbouJamra, serving a fusion of Lebanese-Mexican cuisine in Lincoln Park, Chicago, and is now launching in the trending Time Out Market.

The menu at Evette’s is inspired by AbouJamra’s Teta (grandmother) who had passed down her Lebanese-inspired recipes.

Evette’s in Chicago is known for its Lebanese-style menu including shawarma wraps, fries topped with garlic sauce, as well as a Lebanese-style garden salad made with sourced produces.

In the menu it offers, Lebanese and Mexican cuisines fuse and blend deliciously, making Evette’s a unique culinary experience.

The Time Out Market is a trending concept that started in Portugal in 2014 with 24 restaurants of the finest eateries of the city inside Lisbon’s historic market.

This concept eatery market spreading in the world is a cultural and culinary hub that reflects on the best food, drinks, and culture each city has to offer.

In addition to Lisbon and Montreal, Time Out Markets are present in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, and soon in London and Praha.

Last month, the Beirut-based restaurant Mezzmiz kicked off in the Time Out Market of Montreal, in the prestigious Eaton Center.